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2955-Fantastic Pacific Ocean views from one of the lots 2957-Another viewing angle 2958-One of the large building sites 2959-The beautiful preserved setting 4582-Another large building site 2962-A lot along a hill 2963-The access roads to the lots 2965-Other ocean views 2966-The natural and green environment 2967-The ocean views from from one of the lowest lots

Potrero area, Lots & land, for sale Scenery : Ocean views.

Lots for sale in Potrero with amazing ocean views!

These six large lots for sale in Potrero all boast Pacific Ocean views. These ones range from beautiful ocean views to a fantastic panorama for the lot located on the uppermost position…

The size of the lots is the following:

  • Lot 1: 5 541 m² - Sold
  • Lot 2: 5 000 m² - Last lot - November 2022 update: sold
  • Lot 3: 5 000 m² - Sold
  • Lot 4: 5 421 m² - 2021 update: sold
  • Lot 5: 5 000 m² - 2021 update: sold
  • Lot 6: 5 000 m² - Sold

They enjoy building sites up to 800 m².

As for the prices of the lots, they vary according to the size and mainly to the location.

For more details, please ask us.


The opinion of Costa Rica Paradis:

Ideally located in a quiet area in the heights of Potrero while being a ten-minute drive to beaches, these great size lots are perfect to build a beautiful house with swimming pool under the Tropics...

Contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp and we will be pleased to provide you with further information.

  • Land size : 1.23 acres 

Lots & land, Potrero area. Land size 1.23 acres.

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