Real estate complex to develop within a short distance of the ocean 1 700 000 $ US Tamarindo area Contact us about this property
5163-The real estate complex for sale at the entrance of Tamarindo 5164-The impressive swimming pool 5165-Another viewing angle of the project 5168-The swimming pool enlighted in the evening 5169-Aerial view of the complex 5173-The building at the entrance 5176-Another building 5175-The reception area and offices 5177-The bar and restaurant areas 5179-The tennis and basketball courts 5180-One of the vacation houses 5181-The terrace of the house 5182-The living room 5183-One of the bedrooms 5185-A part of the land to develop 5187-The one-bedroom vacation suites 5188-The entrances of the suites 5189-The living area 5190-The bedroom 5167-The project seen under the sun

Tamarindo area, Commercial / Business, for sale, 1 700 000 $ US. Scenery : Tropical garden.

At the entrance of Tamarindo, real estate complex to develop!

This real estate project is established at the entrance of the very tourist beach town of Tamarindo on Costa Rica's Gold Coast.

Located on a big 2.3-hectare land, the project is even more attractive as many development scenarios are possible, such as condos, single-family homes, a business center, or a vacation resort.

The already constructed part of the complex counts:

  • An impressive swimming pool with a Jacuzzi
  • Two vacation houses including each two bedrooms with views on the swimming pool
  • Six vacation suites with each one a bedroom
  • Sports facilities such as tennis and basketball courts
  • A registered private well
  • A large area serving as a lobby and as offices located near the entrance
  • A gated entrance with a gatehouse

Moreover, 60% of the land remain available for a wonderful real estate development.


The opinion of Costa Rica Paradis:

An ideal real estate project for an investor seeking a high profitability in one of the most popular beach towns of Costa Rica's Gold Coast and who appreciates having freedom of choice of his real estate development scenario!

Contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp and we will be pleased to provide you further information.

  • Land size : 2.3 hectares 
  • Swimming pool : Yes 

Commercial / Business, Tamarindo area. Land size 2.3 hectares. swimming pool.

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