Extraordinary quality of life for expatriates

What makes life of expatriates so pleasant in Costa Rica...
Extraordinary quality of life for expatriates

The very numerous foreigners who have chosen to expatriate themselves or to retire in Costa Rica have been particularly attracted by exceptional living conditions.

Living in Costa Rica will actually bring you an incredible variety of advantages from which you will benefit not only from time to time, as it is the case when you have the opportunity to go on vacation, but absolutely every day...

You will find an outline of them here below:

  • Pleasant climate all year long (77°F to 95°F)
  • Dream landscapes
  • Matchless biodiversity
  • Affordable cost of living in Costa Rica: more purchasing power than in Europe or North America
  • Services at low prices (ex.: the hour cost for a domestic worker is of approximately US$5 to US6)
  • Quality of the health care system
  • High-performance communication systems (The Internet, phone etc.)
  • Hospitality from the Costa Rican people towards foreigners
  • Local air network (like the International Airport of Liberia in Guanacaste without forgetting the many domestic airports)
  • Significant development of the road network
  • Direct maritime access towards Europe and Asia thanks to the ports installed on the Atlantic and the Pacific
  • Very good level of education 

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