Political stability

Costa Rica, a politically stable, pacifist and deeply democratic nation: a perfect context to invest with complete peace of mind...
Political stability

The craze for investments in Costa Rica can easily be explained by the fact that Costa Rica offers the greatest political stability of the whole region and a democratic longevity out of standards.

As early as 1948 Costa Rica abolished its army. Having more means, the State was able to develop very ambitious health and education systems.  Both met a lot of success!

Literacy rate reaches 97.4 %, one of the best results in all Latin America (UNDP Source 2016, statistics year 2014).

Infant mortality rate has collapsed and life expectancy amounts to 79.4 years, one of highest of the planet (UNDP Source 2016, idem).

As for the social protection system, launched more than 60 years ago, it made it possible to drastically reduce poverty and more than 80% of the population benefits from that social protection today.

The pacifist tradition is deeply anchored in the whole population.

If there are already several dozen years that the country decided to concretize its pacifist commitment by abolishing its army, its many efforts regarding peacekeeping have also been internationally recognized more recently.

In 1987, the Nobel Peace Prize was indeed given to President Arias (President of the Costa Rica from 1986 to 1990), in reward for its determining participation in Esquipulas II, the peace plan for Central America.

It’s among other things thanks to its progressive choices regarding health and education, without, of course, forgetting its successes in economic matters, that Costa Rica could, contrary to the majority of its Latin American neighbors, consolidates its democratic system and set up one of the oldest and most stable democracies of Latin America.

In practice, Costa Rica is a democratic republic led by a president elected for 4 years by the universal suffrage. The Head of State is also the Chief of the Government.

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