Luxury properties for sale

Located in a quiet area, the house was built on a spacious 2.26-acre lot.

Under contract...

Perched on a promontory, the property boasts a 1.38-acre lot.


Finished in 2019, this modern home boasts 5 bedrooms and is located within 54 yards of the beach...

Green home in the spirit of the time!

Complemented with a swimming pool, this home is located in the heart of a big oceanfront community.

Recent home!

Constructed on a 4.6-acre land, it boasts a beautiful16-m long infinity-edge pool.

Two other building sites!

Finished in 2020, this home enjoys a lovely infinity-edge pool.

2.36-acre land!

This estate is located within 15 minutes of the ocean and its delightful temperature throughout the year...

2.1-acre land!

Located at the end of a private road, the house was built on a 0.62-acre lot.

Nice residential area!