The sunniest province of Costa Rica and one of the most valued by investors...

The government has decided to turn Guanacaste into a priority area for the development of tourism in Costa Rica.

To improve the access to it, the International Airport of Liberia, the second airport of Costa Rica, has been highly developed and completely renovated.

It welcomes every day more and more visitors in search of sun, lush nature and huge fine sand beaches lined with coconut trees...

Many foreign investors and pensioners chose to invest but also to be established in Guanacaste.

Tamarindo and Playa Grande are the favorite places for European people, Americans like in particular Playa Flamingo and Playa Potrero is the place that Canadians love.

Some figures about Guanacaste:

  • Surface: 2,500,000 acres
  • Population: approximately 265,000 inhabitants
  • Capital: Liberia
  • Climate: pleasant all the year with a temperature between 77 °F and 95 °F

In addition to its so sunny climate, this province is also appreciated for its interesting national parks that protect a very rich and diversified fauna and flora.

Among the many parks of Guanacaste, one can note:

  • the "Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas" which aims at protecting the leatherback turtles
  • the "Parque Nacional Palo Verde" considered for its waterfowl and its wading birds
  • the "Parque Nacional Santa Rosa" which gathers almost all the habitats of the area and constitutes among others the nesting site for several types of turtles
  • the "Parque Nacional Guanacaste" which aims at the protection of the natural migration corridors for all animals that live in the adjacent park, namely the "Parque Nacional Santa Rosa"
  • the "Parque Nacional Barra Honda" famous for its imposing network of caves
  • or the "Parque Nacional Rincon de la Vieja" famous for its 4 ecosystems, its volcano still in activity and its hot water sources…

The area of Guanacaste, moreover, offers all needed infrastructure as well as daily services such as:

  • international schools of excellent level
  • a vast choice of stores and commercial surfaces
  • highly qualified doctors
  • many pharmacies
  • national airports and an international airport
  • an efficient transportation system
  • and a powerful telecommunication network

Of course, all these assets take part in an outstanding quality of life...

To know more, read our also article "Extraordinary quality of life for expatriates".

Guanacaste is also famous for its spectacular beaches along the Gold Coast.

Bordered by a delightfully warm water, the beaches are particularly sunny in Guanacaste.

Swimming, surfing, sport fishing, diving, snorkeling or kite surfing are part of the many activities that can be done here.

In several places, waves are marvelously appropriate to surfing. Spots like Ollie's Point, Witch's Rock, Playa Negra, Playa Avellanas and Playa Grande will charm all surfers.

For its part, sport fishing attracts worldwide amateurs!

Fresh fishes and seafood are waiting for you in the evening, under a starry sky and with an extremely pleasant oceanic breeze.

Bordered with palm trees and luxuriant vegetation of which majestic mangroves, some of the beaches constitute reproduction sites for turtles (Leatherback turtles, Olive Ridley turtles, Hawksbill turtles).

The beaches are so numerous that most of the time you will enjoy them with complete peace of mind…

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